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Frequently asked questions

UK players only - Please note that, for regulatory reasons, withdrawal reversals are unavailable until further notice. Once you have requested a withdrawal, it will be processed in accordance with the Withdrawal Policy and you will not be able to reverse this request.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received a Free Spins voucher, how do i claim it?
  • Once you login to the site, any Free Spins vouchers that you have been credited will be shown in the My Account section. Clicking on this link will launch your Free Spins vouchers.
How do I cash out and get paid?
  • You can request a payout at any time from the banking section of the members area. Your payout request will be processed after 48 hours. You can also cancel a payout request at any time within 48 hours.
Are my payment card details secure?
  • We use the SSL Protocol with 128 bit encryption to provide security and privacy between your computer and our servers.
  • This means that before any sensitive data is sent between you and our servers, the data is encrypted before it is transmitted.
  • This makes it impossible for people to crack this code and gain access to your confidential details.
How do I get support?
  • Feel free to contact us with any questions or support issues.
  • We will endeavour to answer all queries within 72 hours.
  • We recommend that customers print out all transaction data, rules of the game, terms and conditions and payment methods and keep them in an easily accessible place.
Your question remains un-answered?


Making a complaint

We hope that you are happy with our products and services, but if you are not, you can raise this with us. Here we set out details of how to do so, the escalation procedure that applies to any complaint that you may have with us, and the third parties to whom you can refer a dispute.

Complaints process

If you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of our products or services, you can raise it with our customer service department at You should provide us with full details of your complaint and, where possible, any relevant evidence that we may reasonably require in order to assess your complaint. Please note that we do not accept complaints via social media.

Our support team will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 24 hours of having received it. We will then investigate your complaint, come to our decision and provide you with our response within 14 business days of having received your complaint.

If you raise a complaint with us more than six months after the event that the complaint relates to occurred, we may not consider it (but this does not, of course, limit your right to bring a legal claim against us pursuant to the 'Governing Law' clause of our User Agreement or refer a dispute to eCOGRA or the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution Platform as further set out below). We encourage you to therefore raise complaints promptly so that they may be resolved by us.

Escalation process

If you are not satisfied by the response from our customer service department, you should contact our Support Manager to escalate the complaint and review the decision made by the customer service department. You can do so by contacting

You should provide the Support Manager with full details of your complaint and, where possible, any relevant evidence that they may reasonably require in order to assess your complaint and review the customer service department's decision.

The Support Manager will then investigate your complaint, come to his or her decision and provide you with a response within 14 business days of you having escalated the complaint to him or her.

The Support Manager's decision constitutes our final decision on the matter and the end of our internal complaints procedure.

Alternative dispute resolution

If you are based in the UK and your complaint relates to a gambling transaction (for example the placement of a bet or wager, the grant of a bonus, account management, or your ability to access funds or winnings), and has not been resolved at the first stage of our complaints procedure or within 8 weeks of you having made it, you may refer the dispute to our alternative dispute resolution partner, eCOGRA, free of charge.

If you exhaust our internal complaints procedure, or your complaint has not been resolved within 8 weeks of you having made it, we will send a notification to you setting out further details as to the process to follow to refer a dispute regarding a gambling transaction to eCOGRA.

More information regarding eCOGRA'S dispute resolution services, and how to refer a dispute to eCOGRA, can be found at For a dispute resolution form please see

Please note, if you refer a complaint to eCOGRA before you have raised this with us, eCOGRA may not assess your complaint.

Online Dispute Resolution Platform

If you are based in any EU member state, you may also refer a dispute to the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution Platform, details of which can be found at

Making a legal claim

The above complaints procedure and alternative dispute resolution procedures do not, of course, stop you from bringing a legal claim against us, pursuant to the 'Governing Law' clause of our User Agreement, at any time.